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Make Money in Crypto | Multilogin

How to use Multilogin for cryptocurrency

Learn about how you can use powerful automation to seize the opportunities of cryptocurrency, whether it’s through propelling your own coin to new heights through coin-boosting or putting yourself in the prime position to make the most of an IDO lottery.

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Scale up faster

Scale fast by managing multiple IDO lottery accounts on platforms like CoinList.

Automate tasks

Automate manual tasks at scale to increase chances of whitelisting for lottery offers.

Boost your coins

Boost popularity for your coin NFT through managing even thousands of accounts.

Protect from bans

Reduce detectability and account bans with the leading stealth browser.

In-depth: How can you make money from cryptocurrency?

We’ve all heard the stories: people who’ve seen significant financial returns from cryptocurrency, who’ve made enough money from crypto that it’s become a second or even primary income stream for them. But how do they do it? Two of the most popular ways among our users are through IDO lotteries and coin-boosting – for both of which Multilogin is a vital ingredient to success. Let’s look at them in turn.

An IDO lottery is an initialized decentralized exchange offering. In other words, they’re a way for new crypto projects to launch their token and get immediate access to funds. Investors commit their funds through a decentralized exchange platform – hence the name – and can often benefit from being early in.

However, there are limited spaces to get whitelisted for an offer is limited, and it often also involves hoops to jump through like completing marketing tasks. This is a pretty robust barrier to entry to overcome – but Multilogin makes it simple. By using Multilogin to manage multiple legitimate accounts that have passed KYC checks and to automate required whitelisting activity, you can drastically increase your likeliness to get access to an IDO and grow your gains by investing in, for example three to four projects every month.

Multilogin is an essential element in this use case – it often simply wouldn’t work without us. To put it briefly, coin-boosting is a way to propel your own coin NFT to new heights.

Ways to boost your coin can vary, but on sites like CoinMarketCap, we have known users to gain success through sending multiple searches and requests for their coin. Again, this is where the power of multiple accounts and automation mean that Multilogin pushes you far ahead of the pack – with minimal infrastructure investment yourself.

Multiple accounts are your secret weapon to smashing your crypto goals, but if done wrongly, they come with a big risk. Crypto sites have strong KYC policies and have ever more sophisticated methods of detecting multiple accounts, even when they are legitimate ones from different contacts that have passed those KYC checks. All it takes is a small leak of information that shows you're not who you say you - mismatched fonts with your system, for example - or similarities between different profiles. This is where Multilogin is such a crucial part of your arsenal. Unlike our competitors who simply block your identity, immediately raising suspicion, Multilogin's virtual profiles produce a customizable fingerprint that appears as a genuine native device.

How Multilogin helps:

  • Separated browser environments
  • Native browser fingerprints
  • Automate manual processes
  • One-click account creation
  • Specialist, multilingual support

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history or information between each other.

Rather than suspiciously blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, Multilogin replaces it with a completely native new one that appears as a genuine separate device.

Use automation to quickly create, change and delete accounts in bulk, carry out manual routine tasks, manage ads and more.

Scale fast by creating an account in a matter of seconds, and use tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

Enjoy in-app live chat support in English, Russian and Chinese and over 60 specialist written and video guides in our Knowledge Base.

Adam Collard

CEO, Rocket31

A very good, reliable solution that can increase our productivity and definitely increase our ROI in the business…I highly recommend.

Akshay Sharma

CEO at Fubee Media

Jason Crowe

E-commerce Consultant