Does She Worth It? Reasons Why A Lady Can Be Playing Games With Your Emotions

When you fall in love with a girl and aren t sure how she feels about you, it may be both irritating and sad. Whether you believe it or not, understanding where you stand is critical and can spare you from further suffering. . . When both partners are truly in love with each other, it makes sense for love to exist. Even though you may be thinking about her all the time, you need to be aware of her feelings as well.

There is a potential that you are being a friend-zoned and that she simply sees you as a friendly acquaintance. Many people would never leave their friend zone if they had the opportunity. It’s a place where you or someone else allows your hopes to be raised on a shaky foundation of nothing.

For many, it has damaged their relationships, caused sorrow, and even led to suicide or depression for a small number of those in it. Please consider the following signs that you have entered and are deeply entrenched in the friend zone before becoming overly comfortable there.

She has a habit of cancelling appointments

When you are in love with someone, you want to spend the majority of your time with them. If she is truly interested in you, she will make every effort to meet with you. If you don’t, you’re not high on her list of priorities. Is it your habit to make plans that she cancels or reschedules? This can be a significant indicator of whether or not you are in the zone.

She isn’t interested in knowing how you are feeling

You and she have been friends for a long time, yet she doesn’t reciprocate your devotion when you are most in need of it. You are indeed available whenever she needs someone to weep on, but when was the last time she heard about your problems? This is a strong indication that she has no affection for you if you are the one who constantly ends up being the one to console her.

She is not contributing anything to the conversation

It s true that certain conversations might be awkward and that some girls are more reserved than others, but just as you might strive to maintain a conversation with a lady who likes you, a girl who likes you will want to do the same. You will be asked questions by a girl who wants to get to know you better to fulfil her curiosity. A girl who is not interested in getting to know you will simply not show any interest in getting to know you if she does not like you.


She informs you that she has a boyfriend (which may be untrue in many cases)

This does not imply that she is simply trying to be difficult to get. That is, whether it is true or not that she has a boyfriend, the fact that she has to tell you that she does is an indication that you don’t stand a hope of getting together.


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