How Does It Feel When A Man Hurts Your Feelings?

Men might be a little naive when it comes to understanding women and their feelings. The reason for this isn’t that they don’t care or that they don t want to know. But since guys have so much going on that does not include emotions, they never truly learn how to feel when they cause someone else pain or embarrassment.

He Is Troubled With Guilt

It all starts with a sense of guilt on one’s part. Even if the other person didn’t aim to harm you, he or she is nonetheless upset. He is well aware that he has done something wrong, and although he would prefer not to feel awful about himself, feeling bad is an unavoidable aspect of being human.

He Has The Impression That He Should Apologize

The basic reality is that men always want to apologize. They don’t enjoy the sense of being wrong when they injure a woman, and they don’t like the feeling of being wrong themselves. However, they are uncomfortable with the concept of bringing suffering to another person, which creates a conflict in their minds.

It makes them feel befuddled and frightened, which is why they wish to express their regrets to you for what has transpired in this manner. There is a desire to put things right and to accept responsibility for the parts of their lives that have been incorrect and harmful. This is something they want to do since that is what a nice person does!

He Believes He Is Correct And That His Acts Are Justified

He feels his acts are justifiable, and he is persuaded that he is correct in his beliefs. He has no notion what he did was wrong, but he is remorseful about it and wants to set things right with his actions. Because you’re behaving in a specific manner and making him feel horrible, he believes you’re the one who did something wrong. His actions were justified since they were intended to improve the situation for both him and you.

He Is Filled With Remorse

In most cases, when a male damages a woman, it is not just because he does not want to. He also has feelings of remorse since he realizes that he should have handled the situation differently.

He is well aware that he might have done better. He s upset because he made a mistake, not because he intended to do you harm by doing so.

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