RELATIONSHIP BETRAYAL: 5 Major Signs Your Boyfriend Cannot Be Trusted

People who are skilled at lying are typically competent at shaping the opinions of others and convincing others to believe their version of events. Don t be alarmed if you believe that you’ve been tricked into falling into that trap. The following are five methods that can be used to determine whether or not your partner is telling the truth. When chatting to them, keep these indications in mind; if they check all the boxes, it might be time for a serious discussion.

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The Posture And Body Language

Observe the hands and eyes that they have. The person may be lying to you if they avoid eye contact and shuffle their fingers while they are speaking to you. In addition, if they create an excessive amount of eye contact, it may be an indication that they have planned out what they need to say and are retaining their poker face throughout the interaction.

Uncertainty Regarding The Information

They appear to provide you with a very cloudy description of what has been going on in their lives or any particular incidence that you enquire about. The vast majority of persons who engage in such behaviour do so under the impression that if they omit certain particulars, they would not be seen to be telling a lie. Nevertheless, this should stand out to you like the most serious deficiency that needs to be addressed.

Words That Lack Certainty

When a person s feelings or their behaviour as a whole does not match their assertions, this is a huge warning indicator. They do not mean what they say, for instance, if they make a commitment to change a certain pattern of behaviour that has been upsetting you but do nothing to change it after pledging.

They Are Slow To Respond

If they take a long time to react or keep you waiting for at least one or two minutes before offering you the answer to your question about where they were or what they ate earlier in the day, it is quite likely that they are lying to you. This holds for text as well.

Defence- Behaviour

When asked for direct responses, they either attempt to dismiss the question or become defensive over the activities that they have taken. These can manifest themselves in quite straightforward ways. For instance, if your partner has been talking to someone on the phone for an extended period and you question who they have been conversing with, their response may be, ” Why do you need to know everything? ” ” Would you ever put your faith in me? “

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