5 Signs That You Are Married To An Aggressive Man

Some women find themselves in relationships with men who physically abuse them without even realizing it. This is because they are treated most favourably throughout the dating period and will never suspect that their spouse is a ” wife-beater. ” Here are a few warning signals to keep an eye out for.

He Believes That He Is Superior To You

Anyone who believes he is continually superior to you will not hesitate to fling his hands in your direction the moment you decide to appear as if you are not so. This kind of guy believes he is the alpha male, and he will not accept the word ” no” as a response. As soon as you disagree with him, he is ready to employ physical force on you.

He Doesn’ t Want You To Have Any Friends, So Don’ t Make Any

Having a large number of friends is something that these types of guys do not accept. It s possible that you’ve seen similar case situations in movies. If you must have friends, they must be few, and he must be completely aware of their existence before they can be considered.

When He Gets Into A Fight, He Strikes The Wall And Raises His Voice

A guy who is unable to keep his fists under control during an argument will eventually hurl it at you. If he constantly hits walls, breaks glasses, injures himself without even realizing it, or raises his voice above and beyond what is necessary, he is an angry guy who will not hesitate to hurl his fists at you when the opportunity presents itself.

The Way He Handles Other People— Traffic, Waiters, And Maids– Reveals His Cowardly Character

You can only credit compassion to someone who treats everyone the same way as themselves. While dating a guy who treats you well while yelling at other people in traffic, servers, and others who work in the service industry on a regular basis, that man will not be able to tolerate your behavior for long. A young guy who is aggressive and violent is a dangerous young man.

If He Punches You Once, He’ s Done With You

If somebody does something once, he is likely to do it again. That’ s the key to success. A guy who heeds the advice to raise his hands on his spouse will not do it only for the sake of doing so on that particular day.

Although I apologize in advance, it is possible that your spouse may raise his or her hands again in response to your or her actions. So take action while you still have the opportunity.


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