The Attributes Of A Weak Man That No Lady Craves For

Strong dominating men are admired by women for their emotional and mental fortitude, and every guy is capable of cultivating these qualities within himself. The last thing a woman wants in a relationship is for her partner to be a spineless and weak guy who is unable to provide what she requires from him. Here are five of the most typical characteristics of weak men that women find repugnant and find to be attractive in strong men.


A first character is a cowardly man who shies away from taking any chances

Someone who lacks the courage to try new things is considered to be weak. He is pleased with living a tranquil and comfortable existence and has no desire to test or push himself in any way. This trait is reviled by women because it gives the impression that the guy is not prepared to put up a battle for what he wants out of life. A lady is looking for a guy who isn’t frightened of being in the slightest bit of danger and is prepared to risk anything for her.

The second type of character is a man who lacks self-assurance

Someone who is lacking in self-assurance is considered to be weak. He has low self-esteem and a strong desire to win over the approval of others. He often goes through life without a clear sense of purpose or direction. A weak guy will often allow women to exert their dominance over him.

He is unable of speaking out for himself or articulating what it is that he wants out of life. Weak guys are not the sort of men that women find attractive, thus it stands to reason that they are reviled by women. Women are more likely to be attracted to a guy who exudes strength and self-assurance.

The third depiction of a character is a man who is not assertive

A guy who is not confident in himself is seen to be weak. He is not assertive and allows people to exert undue influence on him. He is not comfortable expressing his demands or needs, thus he does not stand up for himself and does not do so. Because of this, he is rendered physically and emotionally fragile.

A guy who is powerful and able to take leadership is what a woman wants in a partner. She does not desire a partner who will defer to her authority and take what she says at face value. A guy who is seen as weak is both annoying and unappealing to women.

The weak-willed man lacks the fortitude of a man with a backbone

A guy is seen to be weak when he cannot stand up for himself. He is the kind of person who will allow people to walk all over him and will not speak out for what he considers to be right. These are the kind of guys that women dislike because they believe such men to be cowardly and weak.

A self-sufficient lady is looking for a guy who is prepared to fight for her, speak up for her, and be there for her whenever she needs his support. You can’t afford to be a wimp as a guy if you want to keep the lady you love happy.

A weak man is a pushover, according to Character

A guy is seen to be weak if he is unable to stand up for himself and instead gives in when they are put under pressure. He is the kind of person that nods along with anything others have to say, even if he doesn’t agree with it, and he is always seeking methods to make other people happy. This is not a quality that appeals to women in a male partner.

Women are looking for guys who have a strong will, strong opinions, and who know their minds. Women appreciate and adore guys who can stand up for who they are as well as the things in which they believe since this is one of the essential characteristics of a strong man.

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