3 Reasons Why The Rainy Season Is The Most Favorable Time For Intimate Encounters

Have you ever wondered why the rainy season is referred to as the ” weather for two” seasons? This is due to the sheer joy it provides during intimate encounters with a partner. In a relationship, every couple has the option to have $exual contact at any time or in any season, although the majority of people feel that it is more pleasurable during the rainy season.

Because every couple engages in an intimate activity for the sake of pleasure, they need the most favourable weather and temperature conditions. Here are five reasons why the rainy season is believed to be the finest time for intimacy.

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The first reason is that it is romantic: some individuals are uncomfortable making noises at intimate moments, therefore they keep this amazing emotion to themselves. This strenuous procedure detracts from the overall enjoyment of the activity. Your partner can’t hear your sounds when it is raining because the sound of falling water and thunder masks them. As a result, you can remain free and confident throughout the activity.

Secondly, it helps to reduce excessive sweating: intimacy is often referred to as a form of exercise because the parties involved lose calories through perspiration during the process. If the partners grow uncomfortable as a result of the emission of surplus perspiration, they will typically abandon the activity.

Since of the increased airflow during the rainy season, it is the ideal time for closeness because less perspiration is produced. When there is too much cold, having intimate relations may be a pleasurable method to create warmth.

Thirdly, intimacy and bonding are enhanced during the rainy season. Whereas couples try to maintain their distance during the summer to allow for proper ventilation and wrap themselves in heavy clothing during the winter to avoid excessive cold, the rainy season makes you want to cuddle your partner instead, thanks to the massive amount of airflow and evenly distributed rain.

This romantic gesture instils a sense of love and strengthens themselves bond that exists between the two people involved.

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