5 Things That Seem To Be Signs Of Love But Are Merely Manipulations

If your lover performs anything caring and wonderful for you, you can believe that he loves you. Do you want to be confident that you aren’t mistaking love for manipulation? In case your beau is a jerk in disguise, here are some warning signs to look out for.

He is always checking in with himself

To make matters worse, he had to send you three SMS in a row, everyone more urgent and demanding than the one before it, since he missed you tremendously while you were out with your friends. Isn’t t it beautiful? In no way, shape, or form. This indicates that he is checking in on you rather than checking out, which is more likely if he does it regularly.

He uses the argument ” But I Love You So Much! ” to justify his actions.

Every time your spouse does anything that annoys you, such as demonstrating extreme jealousy, does he immediately justify his actions by stating that his poor behaviour is the result of his unwavering love for you? His attempt to shift your focus away from his gibberish and recapture your favour might be a ruse. Nonetheless, his acts should not be dismissed since they are a real manifestation of his beliefs.

He won’t be able to function without you at his side.

It is said that you are so vital to him that he would die if you are not there. Nothing about this is romantic; it’s just frightening. When you refuse to comply with their demands, some emotional abusers may threaten suicide as a technique of exerting control over you.

He claims that you are the centre of his universe

Once again, it isn’t especially sentimental. No one should feel forced to be the centre of someone’s universe. In saying this, he’s insinuating that being secluded from the rest of the world is preferable to being integrated into it healthily.

It is very uncommon for him to begin to isolate you from your loved ones to have complete control over you and to exert dominance over you.

He is worried about your well-being

So he phoned and texted you a total of 30 times while you were away from home. You will get irritated if you do not answer him within a short period ” I’ m a little concerned. ” Can you see how it’s all an elaborate charade to make you feel guilty for not paying heed to his irrational whims and ” needs” when he’s the farthest thing from a kind and loving boyfriend?


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