What Does It Mean When A Man Says He Loves You But Not Dating You?

They have a way of confounding you with what they say since what they say isn t usually what it implies in context. Don t fall into this trap since, despite his claims of affection, what he wants is to get into an exclusive relationship with you.

Listed below are some reasons why a man can profess he loves you but you’re not interested in dating him and vice versa.

He Is Apprehensive About Making A Commitment

He may profess his love for you, yet he will behave cold and aloof towards you, entirely ignoring you in return! The reason for this is that his emotions for you have fully overwhelmed him, and he is terrified. He is hesitant to commit because he is concerned that you will abandon him or that you will not be there for the long haul, as you have in the past.

He Has No Concept Of What Love Is

His lack of affection is not due to a lack of understanding; rather, he lacks an understanding of what love is. He may be experiencing a wide range of feelings but is unable to put them into words. Alternatively, it is possible that he is just searching for an affair or a casual connection and that you have the erroneous impression of what he is seeking. In other words, even if a man tells you he loves you, even though you aren’t together, attempt to spend time with him.

At The Same Time As He Wants To Date You, He Wants To Date Other People

Some men have a pattern of being non-monogamous. They want their bread buttered on both sides, and they will profess their love for you to include you in their growing list of girlfriends, which includes you. If you’ ‘re comfortable with the idea of being in an open relationship, that s great!

He Cares About You, But He Isn t Sure Whether You Care About Him In Return

In the case where you’ve been friends for a long time and he’s just recently confessed his feelings for you, there’s a significant likelihood that he’s said it before and has been disappointed by your answer.

He doesn’t want to get his hopes up in the wrong place again. The fact that as soon as he speaks those three simple words, his emotions will be put on the line is something he will be well aware of.

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