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Unlimited Virtual Browsers to Avoid Ad Account Bans | Multilogin

How to use Multilogin for online ads

Explore how Multilogin helps online advertisers to seize the huge opportunities of a global market – while also protecting you from the very real risks posed by the increasingly meticulous methods used by internet giants to detect multiple accounts.

Multilogin helps you go further and faster than you’d think possible: here’s how.

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Capture key audiences

Serve and re-serve distinct audiences by running multiple accounts.

Grow ad placements

Increase your chances of winning placements through multiple ad bids.

Verify campaigns

Emulate viewers to verify advertising targeting and placement.

Research competitors

Research competitor campaigns in different locations & demographics.

In depth: How does paid advertising work and what are the risks?

Paid advertising is the more powerful partner to organic social posts for an online business. It involves bidding in real-time auctions on your chosen platform – albeit behind the scenes – to have your ad shown in a particular place and for a particular audience. The opportunity comes from segmentation opportunities, whether that’s to show to people using particular search terms, or on some to show to particular demographics with certain interests or behaviors.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all route to getting good results from your campaigns, there are certainly a number of strategies it’s worth employing. First up, the more you show an audience your product or service, the greater the probability of conversion – so you ideally need multiple ad accounts to increase your chances of similar placements when bidding.

Likewise, it’s important to get as much visibility over your campaigns as possible. With multiple browser profiles with different devices or geolocations, you can emulate different viewers to verify ad targeting and placement. Not only that, but you can gain valuable insight into what your competitors are targeting.

Now onto the problematic area: accounts bans or campaigns suspensions are rife in online advertising, often with little or no explanation given. All large platforms have deeply sophisticated algorithms to detect when multiple accounts are being run from the same device or are linked: this could be through something obvious like your IP, right through to something like an unrealistic account history or something as small as a mismatch between the types of fonts that should be available on your device.

There are two important elements here: firstly, don’t hide; secondly, appear natural.

If at first you attempt to block platforms from understanding your online identity, that is an immediate red flag that something suspicious is going on. They need to be able to read your fingerprint – and that is where our second point comes in.

Multilogin deliberately creates fully natural, native-appearing device profiles that do not block platforms from reading them, but rather appear as a true separate device down to the smallest detail. That way, your accounts appear as genuine, no matter whether they come from one single device or are managed around the world.

How Multilogin helps:

  • Separated browser environments
  • Native browser fingerprints
  • Automate manual processes
  • One-click account creation
  • Specialist, multilingual support

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history or information between each other.

Rather than suspiciously blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, Multilogin replaces it with a completely native new one that appears as a genuine separate device.

Use automation to quickly create, change and delete accounts in bulk, carry out manual routine tasks, manage ads and more.

Scale fast by creating an account in a matter of seconds, and use tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

Enjoy in-app live chat support in English, Russian and Chinese and over 60 specialist written and video guides in our Knowledge Base.

Adam Collard

CEO, Rocket31

A very good, reliable solution that can increase our productivity and definitely increase our ROI in the business…I highly recommend.

Akshay Sharma

CEO at Fubee Media

Jason Crowe

E-commerce Consultant